Forest Lullaby

Forest Lullaby

Forest Lullaby Board Book Header Image

An illustrated board book for Cottage Door Press “Knitty Bitty” series

Forest Lullaby: Summer moonlit forest illustration featuring deer, an owl, a frog and glowing fire flies

Summer in the forest, with deer and glowing fire flies

Forest Lullaby: Autumn illustration with red squirrels, foxes, autumn leaves and berries

Autumn illustration with foxes, squirrels, toadstools and pretty leaves

Forest Lullaby: Winter illustration with bunnies and robins in the snow

Winter in a forest clearing with snuggling rabbits and robins

Forest Lullaby: Spring in the forest with sleeping bear, bear cubs, hedgehogs and blossom

The sun rises in spring time with baby bears and hedgehogs cuddling

Forest Lullaby: Full-bleed illustration of sky, trees, plants, flying owl and glowing full moon

Bedtime in summer, as the moon bids the forest “goodnight”!

Forest Lullaby was a wonderful board book to work on for publishers Cottage Door Press. The brief was to create sweet, heart-warming characters that would appeal to babies as a first-time bedtime story. The owl character was used to design an adorable baby rattle to accompany the book, and the cover was slightly padded, glossy and embossed to give a beautiful and tactile finish. Each page spread shows the baby animals and their parent in a different season in the forest, starting with deers in the summer, then foxes and squirrels in the autumn/fall, bunnies and robins in the snowy winter, bears and hedgehogs in the spring sunrise and finally the familiar owl character flying over the forest once more on a moonlit summer evening.

I wanted to keep the colour palette for this book very vibrant, with fully saturated colours and plenty of magical charm from glowing fire flies, through to jewel-like berries, crystal snowflakes and scatterings of pastel-coloured petals. Parents and children alike will find this story and the accompanying illustrations comforting and a joy to read. I gifted some of these books to friends with babies and small children and they told me they soon became part of a regular bedtime routine, which was so lovely to hear!